Mississippi State’s Football Coach Mike Leach Apologized for Coronavirus Noose Joke

Photo Credit: Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest The coach of Mississippi State's football team Mike Leach felt a coronavirus joke involving a noose was funny this Thursday. The jokes was a tweet of a woman knitting a noose captioned with, "After 2 weeks of...

The War Between NeNe & Eva Marcille is Now on 1000 with NeNe Dropping a Diss Track

Photo Credit: Eva Marcille/Instagram; NeNe Leakes/Instagram NeNe Leakes said this week on Entertainment Tonight that Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Eva Marcille should be replaced on the show for not carrying her own weight. She said that for the times she wasn't...

Nene Leakes Says Kenya Moore Wants Her & Nene to be the New ‘Nene & Kim’

Photo Credit: Kenya Moore/Instagram; Nene Leakes/Instagram Throughout this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the drama between Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore has been brewing to such heights involving crying, alleged spitting, near fights, etc. that it's easy to...

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Eye Candy: Fitness Model Spence Crosby

Eye Candy: Fitness Model Spence Crosby

Photo Credit: Spence Crosby/Instagram Spence Crosby's a fitness model in Michigan who takes what he does seriously. From calisthenics to modeling to taekwondo and bodybuilding. He also talks about the importance of being an impact on society by inspiring others. He's...

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Eye Candy: Florida Bodybuilder Deshawn Z

Eye Candy: Florida Bodybuilder Deshawn Z

Photo Credit: Deshawn Z/Instagram Deshawn Z's a bodybuilder in Florida and one who's cockiness made us give him a second look. He's said that he doesn't need to be told he's a vibe because he's always been one. And from watching all of his workout videos, one can only...

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