Photo Credit: 21 Savage/Instagram

The Queen of England passed Thursday, September 8th with Prince Charles set to become the next King. But not so fast says the fans of rapper 21 Savage. The memes have been flying with one fan writing, “Idk how it works but I nominate 21 Savage as the new King of England,” pointing out he’s British himself. Photoshopping him as an aristocrat with a King’s wig on, another fan wrote, “I nominate Sir Savage the 21st as the new monarch of England in the wake of the Queen’s passing.” And in a very Trumpian style, one fan wrote, “21 savage appearing on the BBC declaring himself the new King of the UK as an act of revenge for getting deported from the US.”

Unfortunately, right now the ceremony for making Prince Charles King is going on as we right this post. However as we’ve seen in America, that hasn’t stopped people from questioning our current President for the last year and a half. So who knows.. anything’s possible. Something tells us that tons of black people attacking Buckingham Palace wouldn’t go the way January 6th did. So good luck to 21 Savage’s fans. Weirder things have happened.. like Donald Trump becoming president.

In other 21 Savage news, he’s been in a 3 year deportation case where he was pulled over in 2019 where police claim he threw codeine out of his car window and his keys when he was pulled over. And as for the gun found in the car, he says “there was no illegality for the weapon to be in the car.” He was however ultimately charged with drug and gun possession. He’s claiming he did nothing wrong and is pushing for the judge to suppress the evidence from his 2019 arrest. While we don’t want to see him deported without reason, if he is he’d at least have a better chance to unseat Charles as King. we’re just saying.