Photo Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

Rapper 50 Cent is in quite the predicament these days. He found out from scrolling online that a New York City Police Department Commander in Brooklyn had apparently ordered for him to be “shot on sight,” a matter currently under investigation that according to 50, no one bothered to notify him about. So as one could imagine, he’s quite upset.

This morning 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, said he feared for his life after finding out the threat the local police department had made against him. But this didn’t happen until after he had some fun on social media poking fun at the Commander.

“Hey kids, see someone you don’t like. Well go a head shoot them on sight. #Emanuel Gun all the time Gonzalez,” he wrote in one post. He was referring to the fact that this beef between the two of them orginates with Commander Emmanuel Gonzalez, who had a club 50 frequents shut down after an attempted extortion and was called out by 50 on Instagram for it. He repeatedly harrassed the owner Imran (Star) Jairam with liquor license inspections and offered to leave him along for 11 round trip tickets to Puerto Rico and a generator. When he declined, his liquor license was revoked and the club was shut down. The rapper said something about it to him on Instagram and it resulted in the Commander ordering his officers to shoot 50 Cent “on sight” at a boxing match they both attended.

The next meme said. “I still have my badge and my gun, I run sh– around here,” the rapper wrote in a second post under a picture of Gonzalez from the National Latinos Officers Association, where the inspector is a board member. “I’m the commanding officer of this 72 precinct and if i tell you shoot him you shoot him.”

In the third, he said “I don’t give a f–k about these kids,” he wrote, speaking as if he were Gonzalez. “Just take a picture it might be a good look.”

And in the last one he said, “I haven been able to sleep since I heard of this,” he wrote on Instagram with an article from the Daily News, which first broke the story. “The cops never notified me of the threat. I’m closing all my business in New York. I may have to sue the city.”

Good for 50 Cent. Not only is it not a secret that New York City’s Police Department is corrupt, as proven by the ongoing corruption case into Mayor De Blasio’s role in using officers as personal escorts for his friends, aiding in having jewelry delivered and real estate developer Jona Rechnitz who used to openly brag about paying his way to getting what he wants with NYPD, but these events need to be made public. We’re going to be keeping our fingers crossed and praying that 50 wins this case.