Photo Credit: BravoTV

In a bit of a surprising turn in one of rapper 50 Cent’s ongoing feuds, he actually chose to drop one of his highest profile ones involving talk show host Wendy Williams. If you were watching Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night, you’d know that she just made her return to the show after last being on 6 years ago due to a one sided feud her soon to be ex-husband caused. (As you can see, she’s no stranger to feuding. She’s been at this industry since before 50 was even thought about.) In fact, while sitting in the hot seat, host Andy Cohen asked her to say three nice things about 50. One of the compliments was that he wasn’t a bad guy to look at and the other was how she was suspended for 2 weeks without pay back in the day when she was on radio for not only playing his music but being one of the first to ever put him on radio. Now it’s kind of hard to hear something like that and still be mad at the person who played an integral part in the beginnings of your career. This lead to an official response from 50 saying, “What is this, ok we gonna let you in TYCOON next time,” he wrote. “But you can’t just be coming to my partys wit no invite.” This of course was referring to her not being allowed into his Tycoon party after showing up with her son for him to take pics with Snoop Dogg recently.

Will there still be shade between the two? That’s likely so and not because this gesture from 5o wasn’t accepted, but because Wendy’s rumored to have hired some of 50’s Power production staff to work her comedy special. Yes, things had gotten that serious. When you have the money, clapping back takes on entirely new levels. Just ask Mariah Carey who began renting the house Nicki Minaj moved out of in Beverly Hills last year while she was single and Mariah moving in with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. What better shade than renting a house a miserable single woman you despise is moving out of, only for you to move in with the guy you’re in a happy relationship with? It might be a coincidence but we’re going with this diabolical scheme story because it’s much more interesting.