Photo Credit: Teairra Mari/Instagram; 50 Cent/Instagram

Over the last 5 years, 50 Cent has become troll extraordinaire inserting himself into every rap beef and turning into a pimp ready to virtually slap and humiliate anyone who owes him money. Knowing all of this, deciding to come at 50’s neck is quite the risk, yet it was one Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Teairra Mari was willing to take.

The background of these two is that Mari had a sexually explicit photo of her leak online that was a central part of her storyline on Love & Hip Hop. She even hired Lisa Bloom and held a crying press conference talking about her ex humiliating her with it. Then there’s 50 Cent who shared the pic on his social media taunting her, leading her to sue him for revenge porn. It ultimately resulted to her losing in court because he said it was already on the internet when he shared it and thus wasn’t revenge porn since he wasn’t the one who leaked it.

The fallout has resulted in Mari being sued for $30,000 for his lawyer expenses. She claimed broke and he claimed she was lying about her income citing her $100,000 checks from Love & Hip Hop. Last summer she was ordered to pay an additional $4,000+ for not paying up. This February it went up another $5,000. As of now, 2 years into this case she hasn’t paid up a dime or turned over any financial records.

It’s now being reported that 50 has filed a lien against her assets to get the money he’s owed. He’s also begun contacting companies she works for to try and have her wages garnished. While she can fight it, liens in California can last up to ten years. Knowing 50 Cent who seems to be taking full advantage of his legal team very well could carry it out that long.

As my personal thoughts on this, it should have resulted in an apology from 50 when he saw she was hurt about it. This should have ended a very long time ago and wreaks of misogyny for him to constantly and still be antagonizing her about leaked adult images she’s clearly stated she wants off of the internet that have humiliated her. But it’s people like 50 who will be getting some well deserved karma in the future over it because that’s just how life works. You can’t go around bullying any and everyone and get away with it.