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Rapper 50 Cent was given some major props by Snoop Dogg back in November by essentially calling him the GOAT saying he would be a “legend forever.” The comment was made on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game where he said “50 is gon’ be a legend in rap forever “His records, his music, his movie—his shit he did just changed the whole game of New York, and just run New York for a minute and put that New York spirit back in the game. He did that. He figured that shit out, he got that shit on lock. I’m a student right now and I’m trying to learn from him. It’s true, you can teach an old dog a new trick, that’s if he’s willing to listen.”

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A little late to the party, 50 appears to have just heard the comment acknowledging it on Instagram saying “@snoopdogg that shit you just said means way more then a award to me.”

The two had the chance to perform together during this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance alongside Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Mary J. Blige for a show described by people like Lebron James as the greatest half time show he had ever seen. And it’s understandable because Lebron’s 37 and 50’s a millenial favorite. But to see 50 get that level of props from Snoop of all people is a big deal. And in thinking about it, we’re going to have to agree. All of his early work alone is full of hits and we’re not accepting any arguments to the contrary. Discussion over.