Back in 2014 Keith Thomas was playing for Westchester New York’s community college team and was seen as a bit of inspiration. He had just finished a stint of bad grades in high school, injuries and run-ins with the law but still made it to college basketball. We haven’t seen very much of him until recently. He seems to be trying modeling these days from a number of pics he’s taken at events such as a Lessa Dream Gallery charity event in SOHO and apparently a shoot for Roca Patron.

Being 6’8″ certainly isn’t going to hurt his chances at modeling and with the nudes of his out, he could at least snag a chick with money. We see he’s friends with R&B singer Quinton Storm, someone we’ve been watching for awhile. Quinton has a ConnectPal account where he charges for solo adult videos. At the very least he has that for a money making option. We’re sure his fans would appreciate that.

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