Jason Lee Tried to Make Fat Jokes About Tyra Banks and Got Quickly Checked by TS Madison

Photo Credit: TS Madison An interesting exchange between TS Madison and Jason Lee recently happened with Madison promptly correcting Lee for getting a little out of line in his reads of a couple black female industry heavy hitters. Now at face value, a show between...

Lizzo Sent Lunches to Hospital Staff in Washington and Minnesota

Photo Credit: Lizzo/Instagram Lizzo did her civic duty today by making sure the emergency room staff at the University of Washington and University of Minnesota today were taken care of and sent them all lunches. We know this is important given the incredible stress...

Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend’s Been Arrested for Trying to Beat Him Up

Photo Credit: Aaron Carter/Instagram Around the country, crime rates are down in the double digit percentages in major cities but what isn't down is domestic violence. Seattle, for instance has seen a 22% increase in March, Montgomery County, TX saw 35% increase and...

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Eye Candy: Fitness Model Spence Crosby

Eye Candy: Fitness Model Spence Crosby

Photo Credit: Spence Crosby/Instagram Spence Crosby's a fitness model in Michigan who takes what he does seriously. From calisthenics to modeling to taekwondo and bodybuilding. He also talks about the importance of being an impact on society by inspiring others. He's...

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Eye Candy: Florida Bodybuilder Deshawn Z

Eye Candy: Florida Bodybuilder Deshawn Z

Photo Credit: Deshawn Z/Instagram Deshawn Z's a bodybuilder in Florida and one who's cockiness made us give him a second look. He's said that he doesn't need to be told he's a vibe because he's always been one. And from watching all of his workout videos, one can only...

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