Photo Credit: Associated Press Handout

The famed self-proclaimed shaman of the late 90s and early 2000s, Miss Cleo now has a documentary about her rise to fame in the works. Those infamous and ubiquitous words, “Call me now” still ring in the minds of those who saw her for what seemed to be every hour on television once upon a time. The film is being created by nonfiction entertainment studio XTR and the production company Majority.

“Claiming to be a shaman from Jamaica, Miss Cleo’s charisma and famous imperatives enabled the Psychic Readers Network, a pay-per-call service, to charge callers seeking answers over $1 billion for advice,” XTR wrote in a statement. “But in 2002 it all came crashing down when the Federal Trade Commission accused the network and its owners of deceptive advertising, billing, and collection practices, bringing Miss Cleo’s reign as queen of clairvoyance to a dramatic end.”

In 2002 approximately $500 million in outstanding consumer charges were agreed upon to be forgiven by Psychic Readers Network and Access Resources Inc where Youree Dell Harris, aka Miss Cleo was the subject of the federal lawsuit filed against both organizations.

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