Photo Credit: Bow Wow/Instagram; Choke No Joke Arthur D. Alston III/Youtube

In a recent interview with documentarian Arthur D. Alston III of Choke No Joke Productions, a security guard from a club Bow Wow spent time at as a teenager said he was raped there at about 15 or 16. The club was The Tunnel Nightclub in New York City and the culprit he described as a “Big Booty Puerto Rican chick from Newark, NJ.” And he turned to the camera as if to look at the rapist saying, “You know who I’m talking about. You know what you did with Bow Wow,” he said cryptically. “Why did you go and rape that lil n***a,” the bouncer added, before condemning the act, “You did dirty.”

This of course couldn’t have come at a worse time as he just had his second child a couple weeks ago with his girlfriend, model Olivia Sky. Talking about someone being raped when they just welcomed a child in the world is a little rude. So far he hasn’t addressed the claim but there’s one thing we can say about this. When Bow Wow was a teenager there were stories about him being raped and they’ve persisted for years but as I recall it was allegedly by a man.

So there’s a couple theories here. One could be that he in fact was raped by a man and this story was put out to soften the event and maintain his manhood or this could corroborate his own story of losing his virginity as a minor to a model as he himself as told. Either way, rape is wrong as well as sleeping with a minor whether they’re a celebrity or not. Unfortunately there are adults who encourage this. See rapper Boosie who has said he’s been responsible for his kids losing their virginity and often to adult professionals. And the more I hear that story the more I think he should be in trouble for child endangerment but that’s another story.