Photo Credit: A$AP Rocky/Instagram

Some of you only know rapper A$AP Rocky from stories of him getting out of Sweden by the skin of his teeth after President Trump helped using US diplomacy in a self-defense case that almost kept him over there for years. Well it was reported recently that he planned on going back to Sweden for a show, which was followed by resounding cries of “are you crazy?” Well he’s already going to be in town for a show on the 11th at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe arena the date had been set and everything for about a week from now but it was just canceled by the Vilhelm Grevik of Sweden’s Prison and Probation Service over logistical and security issues.

Last month, A$AP expressed his desire to perform for his former inmates, but admitted it might not be the easiest thing to pull off. “I would love to but being that it’s a maximum security lockdown detention center and you gotta stay in, like, a room for 23 hours a day, I doubt they’ll let those people get a performance,” he said at the time. Even though he won’t make it to perform at the prison, he’ll still be in Stockholm on the 11th for a performance at Ericsson Globe supporting the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups (FARR).

You’ve got to give it to A$AP for giving his fans what they want but we’re sort of along the lines of Wendy Williams who said that he needs to stay as far away from that country as possible, given what happened and even if he did go, he needs to get off the plane, perform and hop back on. Don’t even go to the bathroom. Don’t pass go or collect $200. Let’s hope he has no repeat instances of what happened last time.