Photo Credit: A$AP Rocky/Instagram

In the most ironic of news stories, rapper A$AP Rocky just announced he’s going to back to Sweden to perform next month after receiving “tremendous support from the Swedish fans,” the AP has reported. This is the country that he made global headlines for being imprisoned over a self-defense case where he was facing possibly years in prison that had this have been anyone else, they probably would never return to the country. And if they did return, it would be after the 2 year or so time frame he was told to stay out of trouble by the judge before he landed himself back behind bars.

This just all comes across as Stockholm Syndrome… pun intended. He’s scheduled to perform at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe arena December 11th according to concert promoter Live Nation. We’re almost tempted to ask him to blink twice if he’s okay to see if he’s being forced to do the show because it’s hard to fathom that someone could barely escape another country only to literally turn around and go right back, especially after having the support of people like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and even having the diplomatic intervention of President Trump, who as we recall, he never thanked for helping. And we all know how petty the president is. If he didn’t thank him for helping get him out of prison, if he goes back, he very well might get left in there and taunted via tweet coming from the Oval Office. We just hope he has Security with him while there next month. He won’t be there that long, though because his next scheduled show is at the Banc of California Stadium on December 14th.