Rapper A$AP Rocky found himself being followed by a group of guys in Sweden Sunday, June 30th and chose to film the incident to be safe. Sounds like a reasonable form of protection, right? Well he didn’t expect to find himself behind bars in solitary confinement while trying to defend himself and doing so on camera, either. He was arrested on the 2nd and has been in solitary confinement for what’s expected to be the next two weeks. That’s a lot longer than the usual 3 days Swedish authorities are generally allowed to keep people. In that time period an investigation will be conducted to see whether he should be charged with aggravated assault.

“The court, unfortunately, found that there is a risk of him leaving the country, which is very unfortunate and I really don’t understand why the court would find that because this is a very famous artist of course and he would be very glad to come back to a court trial later on,” A$AP’s attorney Henrik Olson Lilja stated.

The insane part of it all is tha his bodyguard has been released but A$AP is on camera so he’s being held. If convicted he can serve 6 years in prison. His attorney said “He’s terrified,” and that “this is a catastrophe.” Given the relatively peaceful nature of his and the fact that there is footage showing him trying to de-escalate the situation avoiding a fight, we’re hoping this will work out in his favor. He has support here in the states as Travis Scott just shouted “Free Rocky” during a show today. We’ll be reporting more on this as it unfolds.