Photo Credit: Aaron Carter/Instagram

Aaron Carter is having quite the in depth appearance on The Doctors this week where he goes into great detail about his mental health. He reveals he has bipolar schizophrenia disorder and shares his prescription list on the show. The two part interview spans from Thursday to Friday and even includes his mother and her struggle with alcohol. He’ll be taking a drug test to prove he’s sober, despite a recent admission about opioid usage following a dental procedure.

As for the reason he chose to be on the show, one could point to the tumultuous summer he had where in just one month he broke up with his girlfriend who accused him of domestic violence, who he then turned around and accused of a phony 911 call reporting that he was suicidal. And a laundry list of other things followed including the restraining order the ex had against him and the handful of guns he bought days after getting his gun license. The latter I have to admit was over exaggerated in the media because what reason do you get a gun license other than to purchase guns? After all, he says his ex threatened to stab him. If that’s not a good reason to purchase a gun, I don’t know what is. He also said he’s a supporter of the Constitution and the second amendment.

Carter’s working on new music these days and trying to focus his energy there and no one else’s drama. As for his family, he says he’s only making time for his mother and given the drama he’s had with others including his brother Nick, that’s probably best. He also said he wants to be known for his music, and more specifically his current music and not past work, and certainly not any drama he may be involved in. This is especially important considering his recent diagnosis and how easy it could be for him to spiral following this type of news. We’ll be reporting on how his interview goes this week.