Photo Credit: Aaron Carter/Instagram

Around the country, crime rates are down in the double digit percentages in major cities but what isn’t down is domestic violence. Seattle, for instance has seen a 22% increase in March, Montgomery County, TX saw 35% increase and even Australia just announced a $100 million of domestic violence funding increase. That’s why it’s no surprise to see celebrities experiencing the same trouble, especially Aaron Carter. You might remember that at the end of 2019 he bragged about having 500 guns right after he was diagnosed as schizophrenic, which was also around the same time he had accused family members of sexually abusing him growing up among a list of other things too long to mention.

But as for his girlfriend, Instagram model Melanie Martin, she’s currently in jail with a $50,000 bail amount set over her head. Rewind to just a few weeks ago and he just tattooed her name under one of his eyes and even announced taking her on tour with him. Mind you, they’ve only been dating three months. It was around 11 pm Sunday night when a disturbance call was made for what he said on Twitter today happened after he tried to break up with her after she allegedly cheated on him. “My Heart Is Broken! another girl putting her hands on me when I try to break up with them for cheating on me.its f—– right now ;( and so is my heart,” he wrote on Twitter.

“You don’t have to wait for someone to treat you bad repeatedly,” Carter said in another tweet. “All it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, if they know they can treat you like that, then it sets the pattern for the future.”

He told TMZ she supposedly told him she was pregnant before the argument happened and he thinks she’s lying. He also said there’s no chance of them getting back together. That really is a lot to have transpired in just a few short months with him. It reminds us of Amanda Bynes who just announced being pregnant with someone she met in rehab 3 months ago but then deleted the sonogram pic with no baby in it, followed by a statement from her attorney saying it couldn’t be confirmed, asked for her privacy and that she would be working on her mental health. At least she didn’t announce having 500 guns in the middle of a breakdown like Aaron Carter did. Prayers to both as well as prayers about this situation he has with his girlfriend.

This man needs to be focused on his health and not doing this. His ex accused him of being abusive as well and look… the next person he ended up with apparently is starting issue karma. Fix it Jesus. Meanwhile, did we mention he created an OnlyFans account? That’s usually reserved for people selling adult content, specially models and actors who didn’t quite make it… not people of his status. And you’d better believe his fans told him that after they saw his account. In the words of Leandria Johnson, if Jesus can’t fix it, nobody can.

Photo Credit: TMZ