Pop Glitz is a pop culture publication both informative on the latest in celebrity news and politics to its unrelenting snark from owner JaVonni Brustow, better known as The Media Mogul and his associates. The site began following years of JaVonni writing for and managing multiple pop culture publications, watching the owners lose interest and walk away from their work, thus inspiring the birth of Pop Glitz in 2012. Topics can range from the latest Beyonce record to red carpet at the Grammy’s to our take on the state of the industry. This site is owned by a former assistant choir director for a mega church, concert producer and political commentator, so real talent and the ability to sing is greatly valued here. Also JaVonni is a strong believer in capitalism so talent be damned, if it makes an artist money, by law of supply and demand, we are all for it. As long as there is a group of people interested in their product, we are not far behind to cover it.

Pop Glitz is a brand extension of VM3 Media, a Washington, DC based media and communications consulting firm with 15 years of event planning, show production, promotion and copywriting experience.

Founder and Principal: JaVonni Brustow

JaVonni Brustow is a Communications and Media Consultant wih 15 years of experience in event production, news editing and administering best practices in business management. His musical background began as an assistant choir director for a Washington area mega church, going on to become a concert producer for DC Gospel Events, brokering relationships with many gospel artists in the Washington metropolitan area. He later joined forces with PR professional Bryan Sharpe for the now defunct celebrity news site DefGlam, aiding in the expansion and management along with Ms Stylistik among others. He’s appeared on Sirius XM’s Patriot, BBC World Service Radio and a number of other outlets. When he isn’t running PopGlitz and his media company VM3 Media, hes’ heavily involved in community empowerment in the mid-Atlantic region.

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