Photo Credit: Will Smith/Instagram

Will Smith was issued a 10 year ban from the Academy this past week for his infamous Oscars slap of Chris Rock after joking about his wife Jada’s alopecia. The ruling came down despite the fact that he had voluntarily chose to resign to show some remorse. Members of the Academy, just like the public have been split about the decision and have opened up to The Hollywood Reporter with their thoughts.

Carol Connors of the music branch stated “He’s not going to be able to present next year, and I think hurray for that. I don’t think he should be allowed on the Academy stage. What he did on the world stage was unacceptable. Ten years is an important round number. I don’t think it should have been one year or five years. Ten is appropriate. But I’m glad he will not present next year, after what he did. What if Chris would have fallen down and hit his head? The one guy is what, 140 pounds soaking wet, and the other guy played Muhammad Ali. Can you imagine what must have gone through Chris’ mind at that moment? And I think he handled it with great dignity.”

The sound branch’s Stephen Potter said “I have to say I’m surprised at the Academy’s formal response of a 10-year ban on Mr. Smith, which is harsher than I imagined it would be. Ten years is quite a long time and it’s possible this incident will mostly be forgotten before this term concludes. I think the Academy could have responded more quickly, but by waiting it suggests they carefully weighed their options. Mr. Rock maintained composure under very unexpected circumstances, and I applaud him for averting what could have been a total disaster. I believe Mr. Smith’s reaction was fueled by Ms. Pinkett Smith’s glaring look, and it’s unfortunate he chose to react as he did. The opinions are split between those who do and don’t support Mr. Smith’s actions, but the fact remains this incident was very unfortunate on many levels.”

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