Photo Credit: King Agu/Instagram

King Agu is best known for his time on Bravo’s reality show Invite Only Cabo and has been celebrating his 43rd birthday all weekend. And we’d add that he doesn’t look a day over 25. In the time since he’s been on reality tv, he’s gone from the show’s heart throb in a love triangle on camera between two women to coming out as liking men as well. We even got to see him in a relationship with a guy along the way. He’s done national ad campaigns for Hyundai and Kroger is spends his time selling real estate these days.

He posted an inspirational message for his birthday stating to not risk long term fulfillment for short term pleasure. Sidebar, it appears he learned his lesson from that episode of Invite Only Cabo where he had his hand up Emily’s dress on national television when she had a man.. a man who was later invited to come to the house as a surprise putting everyone in quite the awkward position. Anyway, we wish him the best for his birthday and for a happy 43 around the sun.

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