Photo Credit: Adele/Instagram

Adele’s latest album 30 has been 2 years in the making and has been widely successful thus far. As Variety reports, “Adele’s big premiere beats the previous mark set by Drake’sCertifiable Lover Boy” when it bowed with 613,000 back in September. It also comes in ahead of Taylor Swift’sRed (Taylor’s Version),” which just a week ago had the second-biggest debut of the year, with 905,000 album units, and now is bumped to the third most sizable of 2021.

The biggest part of Adele’s tally came in full-album sales, as was true of Swift’s massive debut last week. These two superstars are generally regarded as the last two who are guaranteed to sell massive amounts of physical product — CDs as well as the more in-vogue vinyl versions. “30” racked up a staggering 692,000 in actual album sales, by far the most for any release this year.”

To show the extent of her success, an interview that she did with Weekend Sunrise’s host Matt Doran not only was pulled and not aired, but she received an extensive apology from the host who had told her to her face he only listened to her single Easy On Me and not the entire album. This was in spite of him being sent the entire album to listen to beforehand. Kanye West, even with his tremendous ego even dedicated part of his Sunday Service this week to fashion designer Virgil Abloh who recently passed and had his choir do a rendition of Easy On Me. She told Oprah during her special with her that her son had no idea of the magnitude of her stardom. He went to a Taylor Swift concert with her and was shocked at how many people go to see her, juxtaposed to how he would only go to rehearsal with his mom in empty stadiums where he was taken away before people showed up. She said it wasn’t until he saw a flood of likes and comments on social media before he said “people really like you.”

Adele’s 30 album had a whopping $100 million production budget so her success should come as no surprise.. not just because of the budget but she only received that amount of money because she’s been that good and respected of an artist over the years. So kudos to Adele on an album well done.