Photo Credit: Al Sharpton/Instagram

Al Sharpton at 66 years old is separating from his wife Kathy Jordan Sharpton after being separated for 17 years. The two had been together for 24 years when they separated in 2004 when he was running for the Democrat nomination for president. It was an interesting time as his attorneys without provocation sent a letter threatening New York City’s paper The Village Voice saying that there’s a rumor of Sharpton cheating which isn’t true and stated he and his wife hadn’t been living together for some time.

The woman on his arm at the time allegedly was a top aide of his, Marjorie Fields-Harris who was living in a Trump property at the time. She was someone that Sharpton forced her name into speeches quite often at the time, hardly keeping it a secret. And what made this particularly interesting was that he made sure that Jesse Jackson was publicly embarrassed over an affair years prior. So here he was in the same predicament being just a tad hypocritical. Today’s lady of the moment for Sharpton is a fashion line owner and turning 43 this year, Aisha McShaw, close to 35 years his junior. They made their relationship public back in 2013. He shares two children with his wife, Dominique and Ashley. Further details will be reported on as they come.