Photo Credit: Alec Baldwin/Instagram

Alec Baldwin famously shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on set of his film Rust and has decided to clear up any rumors that he isn’t cooperating with the investigation. He said in an Instagram video that “Any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone, that’s bulls–t, that’s a lie.” He went on to say about the New Mexico warrant he has, “This is a process where one state makes the request of another state. It’s a process that takes time, they have to specify what they want. We are one thousand percent going to comply with all that.”

The accusations came after legal experts managed to tell The NY Post that he had not turned over his phone because he likely had “incriminating” evidence in it. He responded to this by calling the claims .“lies, and bulls–t and nonsense.” We’re just going to add that Jussie Smollett refused to turn his phone over and he was just found guilty of faking his hate crime that he’s been in court over for the past what, 3 years?

In fact, what he said was, “Sidney Poitier — one of the icons of the business, one of the kings of movie royalty dies –and on the cover of The Post they have other lies and bulls–t and nonsense.” For context sake, the NY Post is known for being at worst case scenario, being marginally racist and at best, let’s just say if there’s anything nice to say about black people, they won’t. So the fact they chose not to celebrate Poitier’s life on the cover and that they would focus on him, given their Conservative bend, that is no surprise.

“It’s all going to work out, regardless of what they say in these right-wing rag sheets, and people who are all about hate,” Baldwin continued. And The NYPost is in fact a rag. And let’s hope he’s telling the truth here for his own sake.