Photo Credit: Alexis Skyy/Instagram; Akbar V/Instagram

There are viral videos of Love & Hip Hop stars Alexis Skyy and Akbar V fighting outside of a Philly nightclub making rounds on the internet this morning from last night. Alexis Skyy took to her Instagram Stories explaining how allegedly miserable that Akbar V is and that she came to a hosting that Alexis Skyy looking to start a fight with her. From Akbar’s standpoint, she was throwing money so she couldn’t have been but so upset.

Throwing money in someone else’s event is a clear attempt to draw attention to yourself and knowing how these reality show women are and constantly battling each other, it’s the type of thing to be added to the talley of things to beef over later. And for those who forgot, her cousin Kandi Burruss got her an apartment not long before COVID so she might be trying to show she had some money. We wonder if Kandi got her investment back that she said she didn’t think was going to happen.

In Skyy’s IG Live video, she said that Akbar had her body done and looked amazing. She said she looked like a completely different person and that she should take this opportunity to turn a new leaf and stop getting into it with everybody. The club Skyy was hosting at was in her friend Lira Galore’s city of Philly and was there with Galore. Galore went on Instagram to say the night was Akbar against everybody and kept saying she was drunk. So if you know someone is intoxicated, you should automatically know to ignore them. If she was Skyy’s friend she would have told her the same thing.

We’re not sure who started it because all 3 claim innocence although there is a clip of Akbar walking behind Skyy and Skyy asking her “What are you doing?” Skyy said that Akbar’s Instagram account recently getting deleted might have been her inspiration to get some clicks to her page. If that’s the case, with 5 children of her own, that might not be the best things for her to be doing. Just saying.

UPDATE: Akbar responded to Skyy on Instagram saying her child was special needs because she had cocaine in her system while she was pregnant

Take a look at some of the footage below to see what happened and judge for yourself.