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We’re happy to report on Family Matters related news today that doesn’t involve Lori Loughlin. The Olsen Twins are turning 33 today and from being in the industry since 6 months old and a total net worth of $400 million, they haven’t done too bad, either. They just won their 5th Council of Fashion Designers Award (CFDA) award this week for their label The Row. This marks the second year in a row they took home the award for Accessory Designer of the Year collection of ready-to-wear, handbags, eyewear, and footwear joining the ranks of nominees Jennifer Fisher for Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, Virgil Abloh for Off-White, Tabitha Simmons and Telfar Clemens for Telfar. They won the award in 2014 as well.

And if you’re unable to get enough of the Olsen twins, their film archive in part was just announced to be coming to Hulu. Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris, and Switching Goals are all available on the streaming platform now and while watching, just remember that these two retired from Hollywood at 18 years old. If that doesn’t make them #CareerGoals, we don’t know what does.

And they’re not the typical millennial by any measure. Did you know they have absolutely no social media accounts? That’s seen as an almost necessity for success in 2019 but somehow they’ve done just fine without them. That doesn’t mean you can’t find their brand The Row their. That’s different. And for those wondering how they got into the fashion industry that’s kept them busy since quitting Hollywood 15 years ago, it wasn’t just some stylish urge they needed to quench, they said it was because they couldn’t find clothes that fit. Most normal people would just continue to store hop or hire a tailor so you’ve got to give credit to anyone willing to go the extent they have for fitting clothes. It all worked out in the end because not only did it work out for their clothing choices, apparently a lot of other people like their work as well.

The Olsen Twins have been a part of the childhood of millennials and if it weren’t for them, most of us wouldn’t be left to grow up with their fellow fake twin Lindsay Lohan to grow up with as an example. Just kidding. We love Lindsay. She’s going to get herself together one of these days.