For the Don Benjamin fans out there who watched him win the first season of Bravo’s Scared Famous and again on America’s Next Top Model in the past likely have some form of crush on him. And it’s understandably so. When Tiffany Pollard aka New York entered the Scared Famous house, she was in awe at the male sex appeal there including the professional model, Don himself. Since the show has aired, we’ve seen Safaree naked and now it’s Don Benjamin’s turn to share what he’s working with. While not fresh on the internet, they’re still new to some and what we will say is that since everyone is being compared to Safaree, at least Don Benjamin has a job He just finished filming a few projects at the start of this year and lacks that #AintShyt personality Safaree has.

Now, Glitzers, check out Don Benjamin’s nudes below: