In another episode of celebrity privilege, Andre 3000 was spotted in LAX Friday night playing the flute and for a full 40 minutes at that. We’re pretty sure if any of the rest of us tried something like that, we’d be swiftly removed from the premises. Even rapper Young Thug doesn’t have those types of privileges. He was arrested some time ago for threatening to shoot a mall cop for not letting him ride his hoverboard around.

Anyway, NPR Latino USA producer Antonia Cereijido is the lucky one who was able to spot the half Outkast member who said she thought she was imagining things when she saw someone playing the flute and that that person appeared to be Andre 3000 of all people. So her journalism skills kicked in and she walked over to talk to him about his flute which he says is an indigenous double flute. They took a pic together, got on the same flight and by the time they landed in New York, the tweet had received 68,000 times and was the Number 1 trending topic on Twitter. Concerned about this being an invasion of his privacy that he might be concerned about, she spoke to Andre about the tweet and he was fine.

We have to admin it was awfully generous of this producer to ask permission to keep a viral tweet up considering the fact that if a person is playing an instrument in public, they shouldn’t be surprised that when they’re photographed or filmed. Now we only have a photo of him playing the flute and no footage. He had an interlude from years ago named Where are my Panties? Could it be that the producer was unable to hold her phone steady standing in the greatness that is Andre 3000 and felt she too might be asking that question in the near future? Just kidding.