It’s been 6 years since Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen have been on each other’s shows, thanks to Wendy’s soon to be ex-husband Kevin Hunter who has been the common denominator in most of her failed friendships. But now that he’s out of the picture, for her 55th birthday, Williams had Cohen on her show to mend their friendship and celebrate their careers. For one, we’ve never seen Williams this excited to have a guest on her show in the entire 10 years she’s been on the air. In fact, they both just celebrated a decade on the air. The only other time we’ve seen her this happy is when she talks about her experiences as a newly single woman in Manhattan. Her and Cohen both happen to be 2020 Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees as well.

Out of many of the topics they covered, one of them was what made Cohen choose to become a father at 50 years old of all times. He said he wrote a book and after reviewing all he had and hadn’t done, he thought that maybe this was what else he needed to do with his life. Then the million dollar question came where he was asked if he had ever been with a woman. Cohen said he was a gold star gay who never had before. He said he actually wanted to before his 40th birthday but never got the chance. He said he actually wanted to lose his virginity to Jenny McCarthy. Williams responded saying he must luke buxom blondes and he said “well you’re a buxom blonde.” Williams blushed. It looks like she has a date for the future as they promised to keep in touch. We jest… sort of. Who knows. He may finally get his wish. lol.

But Wendy’s been on the scene dating a lot lately. She said she was off the market earlier this week and appeared to be making googly eyes confirming a date from the couch with Deon Cole from Grown-ish. Date or night, either way she’s had quite the hot girl summer and maybe with Andy Cohen they can continue the summer fun. We’re not sure what it’s called when you included a gay guy… a dual hot queen summer?