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Angelina Jolie just revealed some interesting information about her now ex Brad Pitt telling US Weekly she felt pressured into marrying Brad Pitt. Now we have to side with Wendy Williams who today said she felt that no one pressures Angelina into doing anything. This is a woman who has always done whatever she wanted and followed no rules practically all of her life. Unless it was just getting older and feeling that since the two lived together and had children already she might as well give him what he wants… who knows. But to say she had her arm twisted into doing something she didn’t want to do? We’re not buying it. And the irony is that it’s usually the other way around. It’s the girlfriend pushing for marriage. These two had been together for about a full decade before tying the knot. It was about time anyway. As for what went wrong, they both have been accused of cheating on each other and rumors of Jolie having an investigator to catch Pitt have circulated but we have a different theory. Sometimes actually making things official and the introduction of paperwork just makes things complicated.

As for Jolie’s future, she’s vowed that she “will never get married again,” a source said. I mean, this was her 3rd marriage. And she’s got a point. She could get married a 4th time like Stacey Dash and then end up getting arrested for whooping each other’s a** like Dash just did over the weekend. Pitt on the other hand has said that his divorce has helped him to become a better actor. In a recent interview with NPR promoting his new film Ad Astra, he said he needed to “understand [his own] own culpability” in the dissolution of their marriage and to reflect on what he could do to do better.

“I would be exploring it whether there was a script that allowed that or not. A breakup of a family is certainly an eye-opener that as one—and I’m speaking in general again—but as one needs to understand, I had to understand my own culpability in that, and what can I do better. Because I don’t want to go on like this.”

In a New York Times interview earlier this month he said the divorce inspired him to give up drinking and to start
going to Alcoholics Anonymous. This isn’t really a surprise because I remember a few years ago that Jolie made a top list of people who look great on HD television and he ranked near the bottom and his drinking habits likely contributed to that.

The divorce between these two has been heavily publicized with plenty of accusations, investigations of child abuse lodged at Brad Pitt, substance abuse, cheating rumors, one wanting a settled life being married and the other didn’t. They still share 6 children together and hopefully they’ll be able to have an amicable relationship moving forward because the worst thing children can do is to watch their parents tear each other up in the press and we hope things don’t fall to that level. We would still be watching with our popcorn, but you all get the point.