Photo Credit: Antonio Brown/Instagram

Antonio Brown had been showing some promise for a minute after the 3 or so teams he was kicked off of this year and myriad of lawsuits. He apologized to the Patriots owner for his behavior and even enrolled in college to take a different life trajectory. He spoke at a high school or two giving a pep talk which was all a good start. And then he backslid today. He went on a Twitter tirade calling the NFL racist by pointing out former Steelers teammate Ben Roethlisberger’s past sexual assault accusations, how he got to remain on the team and called him a loser. Multiple comments came in saying he stood absolutely no chance of returning to the NFL with him responding “F them” and that he was done with the league. He even went into a conspiracy theory about the league being against him and just 4 days after he made his apology.

And this is where Brown’s first hip hop song comes into play. Oh yes. Antonio Brown actually released a track titled Bad Decisions. Now it’s understandable that he would be lamenting some of his past mistakes but the whole purpose of regretting bad decisions is not to continue making them. He’s literally making bad decisions at the very moment he chose to release this song about his bad decisions. And the fact this is occurring in the middle of a sexual assault case is the equivalent of R Kelly releasing a song saying that he did it (which actually happened) and then jumping up and down, hollering, screaming and spitting about how he doesn’t understand why he’s in trouble now. smh We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. All anyone wants to see is him pick something to do with his life and get through at least 3 months of acting like a sane human being before anyone chooses to go near him. This clearly isn’t going to happen anytime soon.