Photo Credit: Antonio Brown/Instagram

The Summer Smash festival in Chicago took place at Douglass Park on the city’s west side and featured a performance from Antonio Brown. He performed his single Pit Not The Palace wearing all white promoting his debut album Paradigm. He even crowd surfed during his set. BarstoolSports wasn’t that impressed saying, “This guy could legit be up there with Rice and Moss and Megatron in the discussion for greatest ever if he just solely focused on football and staying sane.” And they pointed out his career numbers. They added, “Instead he’s concerned with everything else. Including Chicago rap festivals and Tiktok djs. If Green Bay doesn’t swoop in and offer this guy a prove it deal they’re even dumber than previously thought.” I mean, can you blame the guy for wanting to have a little fun?

@groovynilo @Antonio Brown CROWD SURF IN CHICAGO!!! #summersmash #lyricallemonade ♬ original sound – GroovyNilo

In other Antonio Brown news, he’s going to be performing at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami next month. And to say he got to share the stage with Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz, Key Glock and the like, he seems to be on a good headstart with his music career even if he has fans who would rather see him back on the field. And that’s something he’s spoken about recently as well.

During an interview at a Fan Controlled Football game, he said “I do what I want. Obviously, I’m a 12-year veteran, one of the best players of all time. My job is to live. Life is about living. We all gonna die. It’s not for you to find out about what I’m going to do. Obviously, I’m a rapper. I do shows. I’m an independent businessman. Business is booming.” He added, “Nah, don’t play yourself looking at me to play.” So that should answer any questions about him returning to the game anytime soon. For now, just enjoy his new artistry he’s been putting out.