Photo Credit: Ryan K Photo/Instagram

Antonio Brown is having a serious case of the “I got fired on my day off” vibes with the recent league suspension he just received while not even being signed to a team. Our first reaction hearing the news was, “D*mn. What did he do now? And how are you punished for work at a place you don’t even work at anymore?” In fact, he literally just announced he was retiring within the last 2 weeks. Well in the event he chooses not to retire and that a team picks him up, he’s going to have 8 games he’ll be suspended.

This suspension was announced on Friday as a result of the numerous investigations into his conduct going on from sexual misconduct at his home in 2017 when a mural artist had to leave because he kept trying to force himself on her to him pleading no contest to felony burglary two misdemeanor charges where he assaulted the driver of the moving company truck when he refused to pay related to a January moving incident.

If you’re wondering what Brown thinks of this, his agent, Ed Wasielewski said “He is excited to resume his outstanding football career and is looking forward to playing in the 2020 season.” And he must agree because if there’s anything Antonio Brown is good at, it’s voicing his opinion and he would have let us know if he had some grievances to air out. At this point he probably realizes he’s spent enough time doing that.






The league consensus seems to be that they’re all just waiting for him to calm down and not pose a liability to whatever team he goes to before picking him. In other words, spend more time focusing on playing and training instead of being on camera throwing candy d*cks at your baby mother. And on that front, he just proposed to her and she said yes so that seems like one area of his life that’s calmed down… hopefully.