Photo Credit: Antonio Brown/Instagram

Antonio Brown just made news for enrolling back in school last week which after getting dropped from 2 teams in a matter of 10 days, it seemed that was the end of his NFL chapter at 31. He even said so himself. But that seems to be a thing of the past according to tweets of his from today. He tweeted, “The game need me I’m like test answers.” He went on to say, “I’m still the best why stop now.” While he’s right about the game needing him, they’re just as happy to drop him as well as evidenced by the last 3 teams he played for. Remember his helmet scandal? He threatened to retire over the league banning his brand of helmet. He went as far as painting his favorite helmet hoping no one would notice. And when they did he started missing practice after practice infuriated about the decision. You probably forgot about it because that’s how much drama he’s been keeping up lately.

Until he gets an offer and picks a team, he said he’s going to be practicing at “every high school,” he said, one day a week starting in Miami. He also asked for people to send him school information. Obviously as a hall of famer he’s respected by kids, but given all of what he’s been involved in lately, will it send the wrong message to have him going to schools to influence children? Not that I agree with that mindset, I’m sure the PC police would ask that question. He needs to sit out for some months and live a peaceful life to show the league he can exist on this planet without chaos to ease their minds about hiring him. His agent Drew Rosenhaus says there are teams interested in him.. and we don’t doubt it. He just needs to show the public he has some type of chill first.

But don’t hold your breath on that chill coming from AB just yet because he’s already gotten into a new Twitter beef. His target was LA Rams player Eric Weddle and NY Giant player Golden Tate and it involved him calling Weddle a “dummy” and a “jabroni.” In response to Brown tweeting that the game needed him, Tate responded, “What???” Weddle replied, “Def dont.” And when a fan said that Weddle couldn’t guard AB, he said, “Dont need to. Isnt on a team.” AB told him, “U need some attention lil man glad I put that stuff arm in your neck in pittsburgh u deserved it Lil Weedle.” Weddle fired back saying, “When are u gonna learn that it isnt about you. Never was and never will be. Got a game to get ready for. Good luck my guy!” Brown, unable to step away from a fight kept it going saying, ’cause he told the safety, “Bro I don’t even know you don’t call me AB that’s my NFL name dummy ! I’m not on your team never been shut your mouth Jabroni.” And the two are probably still going at it at this hour. One of these days Brown is going to get it together. He has the talent but that mouth of his… It gets him every time.