If you’ve missed a day of Antonio Brown news these days, you’ve missed a lot. It’s been changing literally by the hour. Well he’s now being accused of raping his former trainer Britney Taylor. It doesn’t just stop there. Over a number of times in 2017 and 2018 he’s accused of committing “heinous acts” that “have inflicted severe and dramatic damage on Ms.Taylor.” She claims she went to “one of the nation’s leading examiners, who previously led the FBI’s polygraph program” and says this confirms her “completely truthful account.” The only problem is that polygraph tests aren’t considered scientific and generally don’t get admitted into court. Then there’s the fact that the person who administered the test was handpicked by her attorney so that isn’t exactly non-biased. She says she purchased an STD test and a pregnancy test from Walgreens weeks later but doesn’t mention a rape kit anywhere. In January, she reached out to the #TimesUpNow organization about the matter as well.

One thing she does have to her credit is an aggressive email from him where he bragged “I jack my d*ck on your back.” He denies all the allegations but he does have a history of being a hot head. He was sued months ago for a fit of rage where he was throwing furniture off of his balcony including flying vases as he accused his maid of stealing $80,000 from him. Forbes has described him as a talented terror. As soon as things go wrong in his relationship with Chelsie Kyriss, he goes straight to social media, accusing her of not taking care of her children, being too busy chasing him around, etc. She accused him of domestic violence not long ago as well so to claim he got forceful with someone wouldn’t be that far out of the realm of possibility Does it automatically mean it happened? Of course not. While he says his accuser was being used by her mother to get money out of him, we just hope that he gets anger management once this is all over despite how this case goes.