Photo Credit: Aimhoop/TikTok; Shred_Gainzz/Instagram

Quaranting has been tough on us all and being stuck at home with little to do besides go to the grocery store causes us all to take pleasure in the small things. So if you’ve got a Ring doorbell and you see a fine Fedex driver pull up in the middle of a hot summer day, muscles popping and what not, you’d try your hand at a fantasy of yours too. Or maybe that’s just us.

Well that’s what happened in a now viral video of a Fedex driver pulling up in a wife beater and shorts like he had just came from the gym. Now this is a dress code we didn’t even know existed and if this is the norm, we’re going to start having daily deliveries just because. But after leaving her door when he was headed to his truck, he saw the sprinkler was on and was waiting for it to pass so he could be on his way. Seeing his muscles from afar and picturing what they’d look like wet, she told him through a hidden speaker, “You should totally run through it.” He said he would do it where she replied, “do it, do it, do it” and when he finally stood over it getting wet she said, “Yeeeeees!” Now if that isn’t everyone’s dream to see your hot Fedex guy get wet, we don’t know what is.

But as soon as we saw the viral video, we put our FBI hat on and saught out to find who this bit of eye candy was and a couple hours later, we got it. His name is Jonathan James and appears to have recently become a firefighter as well. We have to say that it’s good the woman who recorded him discovered him as a Fedex driver and not as a firefighter because ordering constant packages is a much safer way to see some window eye candy than to set all your neighbors’ homes on fire so you can see a little wet pec action. lol

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