Photo Credit: Aubrey O’Day/Instagram

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day appeared on the red carpet of the SPiN awards gala for the Society Performers Academy in Los Angeles appearing to be cradling a baby bump. That is at least how it has been reported by news outlets all over. “She’s pregnant,” a source told The U.S. Sun, adding “She’s early on in her pregnancy, and is so excited.” Adding to the rumors, she did tell a reporter on the red carpet, “I’ve been having mom fever.”

Though she was there to support youth entertainers, she did speak about her dating life stating “I have someone special in my life. When I got home from Bali, which wasn’t too long ago, I was open to dating again. After my relationship with Pauly D, I hadn’t had sex or been intimate with anyone for about three years, so this was the first person that I felt comfortable being vulnerable with.” A source has confirmed that the mystery boyfriend is the father of her child.

In other Aubrey O’Day news, she’s become known for heavily editing images of hers. But for her, it’s gone beyond just the editing, making herself slimmer to photoshopping herself on exotic vacations that she’s not really on. She’s actually addressed this now on the Tamron Hall Show saying ‘I look at my Instagram as I’m an artist. I look at my life and pictures as like art that I want to create for the world.’ She went on to say, “You don’t see me on there with my regular friends, my dogs and my home. I don’t belong to the people. I don’t belong to others. My personal life is mine. And that’s the only way that I haven’t gone off the deep end or turned into something that I’m not,’ she insisted. She did say that she’s been to all theses places’ that she posts, but explains in real life that she would never ‘scale a mountain for about two hours’ wearing a ‘caboodle of makeup’ and wigs.

And in a recent chat with Page Six, Aubrey O’Day spoke about her affair with Donald Trump, Jr. for the first time saying the affair that began in 2011 ended in 2018 when Don Jr. chose to go be the “President’s son.” She says she’s shied away from talking about their relationship because she didn’t “want to minimize what it was” or “hurt him.” She said “I love him. Love, loved, love. I’ll always have love for him. But I saw him choose a life that was inauthentic — for status, power, whatever it is. I’m so disappointed in what he became.” She says the breakup was “very hard” and that she still refers to him as her “soulmate in life.” She continued, “When I say that [he] was my soulmate, I’m not going to lie. I’m a very honest person, so I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, I had nothing to do with him. He’s ridiculous.’ Like, no, he was just like me.” Hopefully she’ll have better luck during this next relationship and raising her child than what she did with Don, Jr..