Photo Credit: August Alsina/Instagram

After Jada Pinkett Smith’s explosive Red Table Talk interview where she came clean about her relationship with R&B singer August Alsina, he’s just released a song with Rick Ross titled Entanglements referring to what she referred to their relationship. Now, before the song came out, the night she finished her Red Table Talk episode sitting across from her husband Will Smith, August was on Twitter in a rampage and directed his anger at Keke Palmer who he called mentally unstable and basically challenged anyone else who had something to say to him.

Now as for this single from August, one would expect to hear some angry, possibly roasting track from him towards Jada or even expressing regret. Instead it almost sounds like he’s poking the bear aka Will Smith. He said “you left your man to get with me just to get him and talked about how he was called on just to break her back. This makes the second in your face dig that Will experienced because it’s one thing to know about your wife being with someone else while you’re together, but it’s another to hear details and to your face at that. During Jada’s interview she multiple times said she just “wanted to feel good” and that it had been “so long” since she had that feeling. And knowing that Alsina’s 20 or so years younger than her, we know what that means.

It’s actually a very good song. It just is loaded with context. But what does all this mean? It reminds me of vlogger Taedatea who asked on Twitter if Alsina was a victim or “a messy b*tch who loves drama,” referencing a line from Joanne the Scammer. We’re going to go with both. And we’re calling him the latter because he’s the one who opened his mouth about what was supposed to be a secret and then got upset when it wasn’t acknowledged. He started all of this. Hurt or not, he started this and he’s acting just like a typical sidechick that wants an upgrade, doing what they can to get attention. But kudos on the new music. Alsina’s been out of the game for awhile. It’s good to see he found some inspiration to get back out there.