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August Alsina made a startling yet not tha unexpected of an announcement and that is that he is ready for retirement Monday. On Instagram he captioned a video of him previewing new music saying, “These last couple projects are likely to be the last you see/hear of August Alsina.” And he said before he checks out he plans one “last victory lap,” adding, “W/ that said, it is my hope that we can enjoy each other while I’m here, on my last victory lap around the sun.” He continued, “I’ll strive to make it as nostalgic as possible for you w/ beautiful tunes & high vibes.”

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He released The Product III: State of Emergency in June of 2020 with features from Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, and Juicy J during a time he also became known for his “entanglement” he was having with Jada Pinkett Smith. It was a relationship that stemmed from Jada being a mentor to him when he was experiencing his auto-immune disorder that caused him to be temporarily paralyzed. She attempted to clean it up on her show with her husband with them both making it seem like they knew what was going on but only made themselves look even worse.

Whether Alsina is serious about this announcement or not, he’s 29 and quite young to be doing such a thing. He’d certainly be missed if he does retire. But we’ll see what happens from here.