Photo Credit: Nick Viall/Instagram

Nick Viall has been a star of Bachelorette and 2 seasons of the Bachelor along with a series of other shows afterwards, but it wasn’t until this Tuesday that he just made one of his biggest accomplishments. At 39 years old he just bought his first home. The season 21 Bachelor start just closed on a 2,412 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 3 bath for $1.75 million in North Hollywood. The silver lining behind it is the back story to his home purchase.

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New Home ..First Looks.

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Standing in front of the For Sale sign on Instagram, he captioned the photo saying, “6 years ago I left a career I really liked for a chance to do something I loved. I did it at a point in my life where the expectation was to settle in and live the life I had. 6 years later I’m buying MY First HOUSE and doing what I love. It’s never too late to change things up and take a few risks.”

We’re happy for Viall. He’s a testament to what happens when you pursue your dreams. He now has his very own batchelor pad and one he likely wouldn’t have gotten as a software sales executive. But it only happened after he stepped out putting faith in himself.