Photo Credit: Malik Medley/Twitter

Melik Medley’s one of our previously covered eye candy models from the Baltimore area. He earned the spot by giving us #ZaddyVibes with a nice smile to match. He’s had an incredible body transformation and likes to hypnotize his followers doing pec bounces. And while he’s got you drawn in, he happens to have an OnlyFans account with adult content of his to share. We actually weren’t aware that he had one until after we published the first article about him and decided to wait and cover it later. But we can tell you with his lip biting sex appeal, it’s worth looking at. When asking for a request for content once, one of the responses was that someone wanted to see him have someone screaming his name and he said he did too. In the meantime, we’re going to pull up a chair and hope to get to see it happen.

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