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Baltimore rapper Chad Focus, whose real name is Chad Arrington is currently being held without bail ahead of a bond hearing Friday for allegedly stealing $4,1 million from his job to build a rap career. Now just how does one get away with such a thing, you ask? Wouldn’t music equipment purchases etc. be seen? We’re glad you asked. He, along with 4 co-conspirators used software that allowed them to make fake entries on the credit card billing statements. It’s also alleged that he forged his boss’ signature for purchases he hadn’t signed off on.

This scam was used to pay for musical instruments, sound equipment, airline tickets, restaurant bills and even Times Square billboards. He paid companies to boost his likes, followers and views on social media platforms. A total of $250,000 went to a bike sharing company and $1.5 million went to a friend’s business that gave him hundreds of thousands in kickbacks. He’s currently facing a maximum of 20 years for each of the two counts wire fraud conspiracy as well as 2 years for each of the four counts of aggravated identity theft.

Now if he was able to get his music charted, that shows Chad had some type of talent to begin with. And for someone to have pulled such a stunt, he’s not a bad looking guy at all. One would think he could have gotten a career by other means. On the flipside to all of this, this could be a learning lesson for artists to take time and help others get into the industry the same way someone helped them and then maybe these types of things wouldn’t happen. But if he did in fact do this, he’s getting the infamy he wanted because this is definitely going down in rap infamy. He became famous overnight and to the point he has people saying he needs to get out and become the mayor of Baltimore. Why not? He’d fit right in with their politicians. We’ll be reporting on the results of his bond hearing on Friday. And lastly, if no one does a movie about this man, we’re all doing society an injustice.

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