Photo Credit: The Game/Instagram; Stay/Instagram

The Game recently made an Eminem diss track titled The Black Slim Shady as a failed attempt to bait him in a battle. This was picked up on by battle rapper Pat Stay who painted Game as an obsessed fan in an Instagram post shrtless lying in bed texting Eminem. The message read “Dear Slim I Wrote You But You Still Ain’t Callin,” referencing Em’s 2000 track Stan.

Stay said in his post about Game that he was disappointed in the Compton rapper captioning the post, “I gotta say, as a fan losangelesconfidential its been hard to watch you desperately begging for @eminem attention trying to battle him,” he wrote. “Trust me, I respect the hunger, but once you start that whole ‘he only blew up because he’s white’ type sh*t it comes off more hater-ish than competitive.” Stay remixed Em’s Stan track with Method Man saying, “Pat Stay is a bad muthafucaka.”

Just days ago Stay he was at the wedding of a couple he introduced and ironically posted with the prophetic message, “Imagine if we treated all of our friends and loved ones as if we knew their days were numbered.” Police were called to the 1600 block of Lower Water Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada around 12:36 this morning where a stabbing had been reported. He was confirmed as the victim by his brother Peter Stay that he was taken to a nearby hospital where he ultimately succomb to his injuries.