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Bethenny Frankel had court Friday in her continued battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy for custody of their daughter Bryn. This was an expectedly emotional event given that they had a two year marriage that took nearly four to finalize their divorce. She’s frequently erupted into tears talking about him on the Real Housewives of New York. She said “He did everything he completely and possibly could to torture me.”

A source stated “Bethenny feels vindicated after leaving court and battling her ex, Jason Hoppy. She was crying in the courtroom earlier today because it was obviously a very emotional morning re-living and explaining what has happened to her. She has been struggling for so long as she watched and people painted her to be the bad girl and thought he was the nice, small town guy. Bethenny is determined to do what is best for Bryn and make decisions that are in Bryn’s best interest. A child needs her father. For years, Bethenny has been traumatized and maybe now, people understand what she has gone through.”

“I was helpless, I had no way out,” Bethenny claimed in her statement. “I knew what he was doing was illegal. I knew I was being abused.” She went on to describe the way he kept her Tribeca home she purchased that he refused to leave after they separated: “Rotting food in the refrigerator, dishes piled to the top. He would go to the bathroom in the toilets and wouldn’t flush them. He would whistle and sing and slam the doors.”

“I begged, pleaded, asked Jason to please leave,” Bethenny continued. “He refused.” Bethenny described how when she left that living situation, the abuse she claimed to suffer from Jason got “worse.” She had recorded calls of her daughter being told by Hoppy “I don’t know why mommy won’t let me talk with you,” despite the agreement of two calls allowed per day with Bryn. “You’ll be with daddy soon.” he also said in a call, “I don’t know why mommy is making it so difficult. I don’t know why she’s recording things when she shouldn’t be.” Then Frankel said she found it difficult to hear from her daughter when she was with Hoppy.

“If I would be giving [Bryn] a big hug, he’d say I was desperate and pathetic,” she said. “He’d say I looked ugly and old. He’d laugh and whistle.” He also felt her celebrity status was harmful to their daughter. Keep in mind Frankel is known for being on a reality show she used to start and promote her businesses. No one would look at her as a celebrity and claim she’s wreckless.

When Frankel’s then boyfriend Dennis Shields died by overdose, a problem she knew nothing about, that was used against her in their custody battle saying her judgment of who she had around their child was warped. They’ve been battling out their custody agreement since December 2017. This is 2019 and these two have been fighting since splitting up in 2012. Hopefully things can improve not just for themselves but the sake of their child soon.

For the Bethenny Frankel fans out there, she’ll be appearing in the 11th season of the Real Housewives of New York that just started this week.