Beyonce’s been having a thing lately with being on television and filming every aspect of her work and is at it again sharing the behind the scenes of the making of her album The Gift, inspired by The Lion King live action remake she’s starring in. As is always the case with Bey in recent years, it’ll be a surprise release, announced just a day in advance to air Monday night at 10 pm after the Dancing with the Stars on ABC or as the network called itself ABeyC. It must be nice to be at a point where no promotion is needed for your work anymore because you know whatever you put out will ultimately be snatched up. This should also satisfy all of the people who for years on years described Bey as being over-promoted and everywhere. We’re sure life must be much more peaceful without the insane promo schedule she had before.

But back to the project. The 30 second trailer shared by ABC is exciting in the sense that we know if Beyonce is involved in a project, she’s putting her all into it. That’s without question. Promising to give an “intimate” look at the creation of The Gift including clips of her playing the congos with daughter Blue Ivy is more than enough to draw fans in. Exclusive footage of the making of music videos for the project and recording sessions are just icing on the cake. And just in case you think you’ll get bored with the Bey-overload, don’t forget Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Jay-Z and Childish Gambino are all featured on the project and all likely to appear in this behind the scenes special at some point or most of them at least.

So, will you be tuned in to Beyonce’s behind the scenes making of The Gift tonight?