Photo Credit: Beyonce/Youtube

Beyonce just released the video to her single Spirit, from her Lion King inspired album The Lion King: The Gift. The imagery represents everything you would imagine The Lion King would look like in person for an overall video experience that only Beyonce could give. She started the video with her child Blue Ivy which as shocking as it was, that’s quite an intro which means the rest is going to be nothing less than stunning if she kicked things off with a rare appearance of one of her children. It was the type of majestic opening fit for a queen, err um, Queen Bey to be exact.

From there on it reminded us of an African inspired version of Formation as far as the choreography went, but to a much slower song. And throughout it all, we couldn’t help but think how this is the same woman who created Get Me Bodied. It’s amazing the progression she’s made in her career. The work that went into the video is similar to the making of the album which she says she wanted to be authentic to Africa. Given the time she’s spent in the production of her work, tour videos, her creative releases, etc. her track record says she did just that.

The new Lion King film will be out this Friday, July 19th and so will Beyonce’s new album, The Lion King: The Gift.