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When Beyonce released her new house single Break My Soul, the first response I recall seeing was someone saying “Not Beyoncé telling me to quit my job.. Not after making me pay $50 for that mystery box.” Oh, she’s actually selling a CD box set to accompany her new album Renaissance. But that’s another story. Break My Soul is a song about having a great awakening or what is being known as in 2022 as The Great Resignation. It’s a song telling people to quit your job to keep from having one’s soul broken.

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Quitting a job to keep your sanity is something Beyonce is quite familiar with. Aside from her being known as the hardest working woman in show business for the greater part of this millenium, there was a time she stopped doing interviews at a time where it was virtually unheard of. She was being picked apart every time she spoke and then we saw what happened with Britney Spears and Diane Sawyer so why even subject yourself to that? She also started releasing music as a major artist on her own whenever she felt like it. She changed the meaning of success. Of course you have to sell records but releasing music on Tidal was a start of an industry shift. In 2006 or 2007 she made a comment in an interview about how she had been close to a breakdown which warranted a later clarification from her that she was speaking rhetorically and that it wasn’t actually happening. So she’s been there before.

Break My Soul comes at a time that people have been quitting jobs across America in record numbers during this unannounced recession, something that’s different than the last. We have far more of a varied economy now than we had back in ’08 and people have simply decided that they’re not going to deal with abusive employers. Companies are threatening employees to come back to work after nearly 2 years of virtual work and people are quitting going elsewhere. In fact, so many people have been quitting with so many options that employers have been offering record amounts and people have been scheduling job interviews and just not showing up. Mental health is important and if it takes Beyonce to bring us to a place of understanding that, then so be it.