Photo Credit: Bill Cosby/Instagram; Comedy Cellar/Instagram

Bill Cosby’s barely had a chance to warm his recliner up at home and already he wants to be out there in the public seeing his fans. His rep Andrew Wyatt already said this week, “The world wants to see Mr. Cosby” and that’s exactly what he plans on doing. That and he has a 5 part docuseries in the works about his life. But back to the tour. He’s already made a pitch to NYC’s famed Comedy Cellar for him to kick off a comedy tour.

For those unfamiliar with the Comedy Cellar, the club has hosted Sarah Silverman, Robin Williams, Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock and more. Most importantly they allowed Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari to perform there following their sexual assault scandals so one would think they might be willing to give the old guy a second chance. But not so fast. Owner Noam Dworman told TMZ he has no interest in having Cosby there.

But confident things will continue full steam ahead, Cosby’s rep says “That’s one club owner and in the words of the King of R&B Bobby Brown, ‘it’s his prerogative to do what he wants to do.'”

Would you be interested in seeing Cosby on a comedy tour? Do you think he should attempt to do one at all?