Photo Credit: Bill Nye/Instagram

It’s never too late to become a fashion icon. Just ask Bill Nye the Science Guy that just did a photoshoot for Time Out New York decked in chains and streetwear in commemoration of next week’s coming total eclipse on March 8th. Much like the eclipse itself, he was styled by Melissa Lynn Woodbury and made almost unrecognizable. In a once in a lifetime scenario where he’s seen outside of his lab coat, he wore a No Maintenance tracksuit, a bomber jacket complete with a chain necklace in one photo. In another he sported a silver overcoat by the brand Rough and OXF shades. In another he’s seen holding a Versace silver vest open exposing the planetary system on a Re/Done t-shirt. For the cover he can be seen wearing a red puffer jacket and cargo pants.

For his interview, Nye said this event that won’t be occurring for another 20 years is so special that we all should go out and take time to experience it. “I really encourage everybody to take that day, that midday drive up the road. Get in the totality,” he told Time Out. “If you’re not quite in the path, it’s not quite the same.” He will be stationed in Texas at the eclipse’s starting point in America, right after it starts at Mexico’s Pacific coast. And once Nye is done with his coverage, it’ll be moving on through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and then off it’ll go to Canada.

For those planning to watch the eclipse, it’ll be hitting New York City around 3:25 pm Monday, April 8th. While New York City isn’t directly in the path, they will be seeing 89% of the totality of the eclipse. The Planetary Society has the direct path of the eclipse on their website. “You’re talking about three minutes, 18 seconds … it will change your life,” he tells Time Out. But make sure you wear solar viewing glasses, also known as “eclipse glasses” to prevent eyesight damage.