Photo Credit: TheBlackTrunks/Instagram

Corey B, also known as “TheBlackTrunks” is a viral comedian and bodybuilder whose turning 23 today. With millions of fans, Corey’s not just funny he’s one of the better looking online comedians and proves the stereotype of comedians not being attractive false. We have to be honest and admit that we didn’t follow him until today but at the same time realized we’ve seen plenty of his videos. He had one of the best #BottleCapChallenge videos as a black mom outside knocking the bottle cap off with a belt. Now that was creative and second only to Mariah Carey opening a bottle with a whistle note.

And we have to give this North Carolina star some credit for doing something with his following being a content creator. Not that everyone should be doing something but there’s a lot of people who can’t do much else than take pics. But hey… such is life. And at the same time, he’s 23. He’s still young and after being ranked as one of TikTok’s top creators, he has the platform to do a lot with now. One thing that’s to his credit is that content aside, people will be tuning in to bite their lips while watching him flex during his skits…or maybe that’ll just be us. Either way, happy birthday, Corey. Leep cranking out those videos and we hope you get Number One in your next competition.