Photo Credit: TMZ

Blac Chyna has a new docuseries and if there’s any way to describe it, it’s that it’s definitely real. In the trailer for the show, she’s seen getting into it with her mother, Tokya Toni who’s telling her she has problems and needs therapy. Chyna told her she’s her problem. And as a reminder of how she got to where she is, Toni let her know that no one took care of her but her and the two went on to start lunging at each other like they were ready to fight. Security made sure to keep that from happening.

While it isn’t clear how the conversation started. Back in February it was reported that her mother felt the father of her 2 year old child Dream, Rob Kardashian needed custody of their child until she gets better. This has been a contentious topic in recent months as they’ve both been trying to work out custody of Dream. And if you’d remember, a welfare check was done at her house a few weeks ago after she was seen outside throwing her shoes at her hairstylist with her child around.

We know this show is important to Chyna because she’s been saying recently that she felt she’s been portrayed poorly in the media. Now it’s one thing to have a child by the brother of the girl that your man left you for, and that’s definitely deserving of news, but in her defense, Chyna’s had practically nothing but negative press for years. It seems she hasn’t had a fair shake at creating a decent reputation and it seems this show should be it. The new show, The Real Blac Chyna will be airing on the VOD service Zeus some time this summer.