Mechie’s an R&B artist from the DC area that’s cute and has an incredible smile. He made news after breaking up with Blac Chyna and making news rounds for her having a sex tape clip out where it was said to be his d*ck in the video. We don’t remember him ever flat out denying it, either. And on top of that, he wasn’t really the focus of the video. Her horrible head giving skills sort of overshadowed things.

Well Mechie’s been in the gym the last few years, made some reality tv rounds and has joined the OnlyFans crowd. So far it’s only been videos of him by himself and as much as we’d like to see him completely violate someone, even this much is worth seeing. Plus, is it wrong to say it’s hard imagining him doing that in the first place? Maybe he can take this as a challenge. Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re not capable of. Now hopefully this reverse psychology will lead to some abusive backshots and choking. We kid. The choking can be optional.

And to be fair, he did say in a post that he was a singer and a brand so his face couldn’t be in his videos but stated his strokes are crazy. Well sir, if you post it, we know it’s you. But about those fire strokes… we want to see them 🙂