Photo Credit: Ceasar Black/Instagram

Star of Black Ink Crew and tattoo boss Ceaser Emanuel, better known as Black Ceasar was arrested Friday in New York City for driving with a fake license. He was spotted blowing through a red light and nearly hitting pedestrians along the way in Brooklyn. So when police pulled him over and asked for license, he gave them one. It had him listed as being “Emanuel Thomas,” born in 1971… a full 8 years older than what he is. He also failed to produce a valid insurance card and was arrested on the spot for misdemeanor false impersonation and some other traffic violations.

The fact he was carrying a license claiming he was about 50 years old when he looks nothing like it except for having a bald head deserves him being arrested. It isn’t clear if he was in the middle of filming at the time. We hope not because it not only would be embarrassing but colossally stupid. Sir, take a damn Uber and stop playing… or get one of your shop h*es to drive you around. We know he has a couple. smh. Anyway, the show is currently on its second spin-off with one already in Chicago and Compton’s location debuting on VH1 August 14th. While it’s garbage for his record, if this does anything, it’ll get some publicity for the show. But Ceaser, whatever’s going on with your license, work on it please. We’re not in the mood to read about another unnecessary statistic. K? And we mean that.